From Jail

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A new website for displaying letters from prisoners in jail, prison or mental institution. Send your letter to be published on this site to:

c/o Tom Alciere
P.O. Box 106
Nashua NH 03061 USA

The webmaster thought interesting an account from Brookes’ Universal Gazetteer of the World (1850) about what they did with prisoners in Amsterdam who didn’t want to work. CLICK HERE and CLICK HERE.

The first letters have arrived. CLICK HERE

Note: The webmaster probably won’t have time to read your letter so don’t expect any attention to be paid to requests. Letters will be scanned and published, six pages (three sheets) maximum, return address and all. Write legibly. It is up to the writers not to write anything self-incriminating since I won’t censor. Don’t come crying to me if you get in trouble for what you wrote. If the stamp didn’t get cancelled, then I might have to draw a line over it to comply with counterfeiting laws.

ATTENTION: If you know anybody doing time in prison, jail or mental institution anywhere in the world, please tell them about this site and the address where to send letters (and urge them not to write anything they might regret in court or at their parole hearing.)

Topics can include stuff like facility conditions and the politics of the writer’s incarceration.

ATTENTION FAMILY MEMBERS OF PRISONERS: If you get a letter from a prisoner, and it is addressed to your surname and a fictitious given name, that means the writer wants you to forward it to me by placing it in an outer envelope and mailing it to me, unopened. Opened letters will not be published. When I get such forwarded unopened letters I will delete the address and bar code.